NIZA LEJO – SUSU LONO JISU PUNU (Official Music Video)

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Based on the scripture (Luke 2) and the legends title: Jesus was born in winter.
The song (pattern) tell stories of Christmas followed with reflection.

First Part: Jesus was born in winter, searched for a place, faced hard time, even embarrassment.. cannot be compared to anything.
Reflection: We may say if I were in Bethlehem I would welcome him into my home. Have we prepared a place for Jesus in us?

Second Part: While they were fleeing to Egypt with Jesus. The cave hid them. The spider spun it’s web around it. The angel guarded it.
Reflection: For the children of God, though faced with difficulties and heartache, God will protect us, and that makes us to rejoice.

Third Part: When Jesus was born the olive tree honored him with it’s fruit, the palm tree gave it’s leaves and the Star of Jesus stayed in the pine tree.
Reflection: I wish I were these trees, being used for God. Through this Christmas lift up the lowly and bless them.

May God bless the viewers.

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